First snow…

003Our first snow of the season caressed tree branches, hugged the earth and melted away in a few hours as red birds foraged for bread crumbs and shook the cold from their feathers. … so magical!

Freddy and Buttercup were mesmorized by their first glimmer of old man winters handiwork 🙂 All of us held our breath, careful not to make a noise  from the warmth on the other side of the window, thrilled as  Bambi and her mother wandered in to the yard searching for salt lick.

Thumper came out from under the house long enough to thump off the snowflakes from what is left of greenery, chewing as fast he could to get back to his warmth…

It was a beautiful, never been lived before kind of day, for me and my babies out in the middle of nowhere… 🙂


2 comments on “First snow…

  1. I LOVE this photo, Darlene. So peaceful and serene, just as your description of the snow. I love the contrast of the black and white in the photo. Just beautiful! Both the photo and your words. Food for my soul. Love, Mary xo

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