Christmas Ghost…

This time last year…

I didn’t think I could ever

love anyone

but a ghost.

I was so empty.


Just waiting

to be with him

in the heavenly realm.

Then when I wasn’t paying attention,

you just appeared

and your love

burst in to my heart

demanding full reciprocation.

I ran.


not to love again,

but to lose you,

as I lost him.

I told you I loved you

and then

I threw you away

and you

will never


or forgive me.

You took my fear

as rejection.

When I tried to explain

you closed

the lines of communication.

I can only

respect your silence.

Even though it breaks


of our hearts.

It happened

too quickly.

I was just surprised.

I needed time.

Why didn’t you

understand that?

Your wife is in heaven

with my husband…

This Christmas,

it’s not his photographs

or memories

that haunt me.

It’s your eyes that I stare in to.

This one photo

taken before we met

yet it seems

that you only have eyes for me.

I can see all your heart

glowing in them,

your love

radiantly warm

in your smile.

You were ready for me.

You wanted to fall in love

and you were so thrilled

when it was mutual.

So sure

of all the things

that I feared,

you responded with all

the right answers.

You told me

when I pulled away

that Love Conquers All..

But that was

the last thing

you ever

said to me…

Where are you tonight?

I am spending another season

missing a ghost…

one that is still on earth…


Copyright © 2001 by Darlene Purcell  All rights reserved.


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