Mom woke me up at 6:35 this morning. I usually am awake at that hour but I had a painful night and was deep asleep. She flipped on the light by my bed and asked,
“Did you hear any of that?”
I rubbed my eyes and was blinded by the light. But she never comes in my room at that hour so I knew something was wrong, despite her conversational tone. No anger, horror or injustice there. Now that I know, I realize she was in shock and feeling very scared and unsure of what would happen next.
“Jo came over from next door. She said her fifteen year old daughter woke her up because there was a man trying to get in the back door. Jo is a big woman and she is not afraid of much but the thought of a man coming in and harming her baby made her fiercely protective. She stood behind that door while he continued struggling to open it and she screamed.
“Get away from my door. Leave right now!”
Her daughter was calling the police during all this. The man couldn’t get in. Finally gave up and walked slowly, (it was 6:25am, mom happened to look out and see a black truck in our yard and turned off the lights in the kitchen to look out the window.)
across our front yard which is Jo’s backyard, up our handicapped ramp and on to the porch. Its pitch dark at that hour. We don’t have a light outside because we are rural. He started trying to get in our front door.
Mom is hard of hearing and nearly blind. So she couldn’t tell anything about him except he was tall and thin and he was determined to get in the door.
But he couldn’t. So he very slowly walked down the ramp and without turning on his lights, backed out of the culdesac and slowly drove down the road and exited on the highway.
The police had a description of him and his vehicle and Jo did see enough that she could tell his truck had a bunch of tires piled in the back of it.
The police caught him ten minutes later going down the highway still at a snails pace. When they stopped him, he admitted to trying to get in to both trailers. Said his father in law lived in one of them and he was trying to find him to go work.
However we have lived at our address for over five years and the people next door are new but the ones before them were my age and not related to this guy. Everyone here…knows everyone here…including the police.
An Officer knocked on our door within twenty minutes to get a statement. He said the man appeared to be on drugs because of his dismeanor and he denied wanting to burgalarlize us. (We are as poor as it gets and I can’t imagine he’d expect to find anything of value in our neighborhood.)
AND he was armed with a concealed weapon on his person.
The police officer told us we were blessed to have survived this without being killed or raped, because this guy was obviously not there to steal.
I filled out the statement for Mom and he is going to come pick it up later this afternoon. At that time we’ll know more about what will happen to this guy but as it stands in this moment…He has been arrested for three Felony charges. A concealed weapon, and attempted breaking and entering.
The officer felt that with our statements he will be in jail for a long time and tried to reassure us that we were safe.
Oddly Mom and I are not as shaken and upset as Jo and her daughter are. What I am is just plain mad that some jerk can pull in my yard with a gun and alter the course of our lives based on how good our home is locked up.
Mom just feels fragile and vulnerable. Helpless. I don’t. I have a titanium baseball bat by the front door and a pair of quilting sheers by my bed that will slice through ten layers of material and are kept sharp.
I will go down swinging to protect my mother and myself. If she had come and woke me up I could have been there for her emotionally when this guy was rattling our door knob. Unfortunately she was paralyzed by fear and the only thing she did was stand in the dark waiting to see if he was going to break in.
I had a long talk with her after the officer left and told her that was no fair to either of us. That together we are stronger and if she did get hurt, I would be unaware of it until he came after me too.
I am sharing this today because at any momnent in time any of us can be a victim of a crime and it does affect everyone in the house. So today…make a game plan if you don’t already have one…what you would do and what you would use to protect yourself and what you want those around you to do for their part too.
If you are a team…you can survive!
Our criminal is in jail today…but we don’t know if he will stay there or if he will return…So we are spending this day re-evaluating our safety and what we are going to do to tighten it. Hope you do the same.
Sending you love and prayers…God and his Angels are with you if you ever alone and need his help…he is watching over you! Don’t be afraid! I am not afraid…just madder than an old wet hen that someone could threaten what little we have. Two old ladies minding their own business in their home. Shame on him!


2 comments on “Prowler…

    • Thanks for your compliment Israel. This was REAL…it happened yesterday morning. My poor mother is still paranoid to open the drapes even though the man who tried to break in is in jail. He was caught a few miles down the road with a gun and faces 3 felony charges. I would love for you to read my ebook. Its my debut novel. I wrote it years ago when my daughter was young and I lost her recently to cancer. Publishing it was a promise I made to her. I am at present working on two new novels. SAM and Yes Sir, Baby! One heartfelt with a twist at the end and the other Southern Humor. Hope you enjoy Singing Heart…it encompasses a lot of my own family history. 🙂

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