I got up early for this…

Yesterday while I was in line at the Methodist church to cast my vote, there was a lady probably my age or older, who spilled the contents of her purse searching for her id card.  I bent over and helped her retrieve it all and just as I handed her a cell phone it began ringing.  Without skipping a beat, she flipped it open, grinned at me and said thanks, handed her voters id card to the lady at the table to check in and showed me the pic of her new grandson on her phone before answering, “Hello?”


ha…ha…Technology is so cool…its created a world of multi-taskers…I smiled enthusiastically and watched slightly wistfully as she snapped the phone shut…wishing my phone had a pic of my non existent and never will be, grandchildren on it…and she threw an id in a wallet brimming over with hundred dollar bills as nonchalant as if it was a roll of pennies.  What must it be like to have plenty?  To never have worked a day in your life from the looks of your manicure and to have the nicest car, clothes and someone to pamper you  to do your hair?  To have a new grandbaby to brag on and to be so happy that you are chortling to anyone within hearing distance.


There are some things I can’t change…(the fact that everyone I’ve ever loved including my children have died, leaving me alone in the world) but the things I can…I am working even harder than ever before to make in to a reality. I cast my vote and I am happy it was counted…That it made a difference…now if I could just get that kind of support for my own dreams…there is nothing I could not do… 🙂



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