My hubby was a real cajun…his mother  taught me how to make gumbo,
etoufee and dirty rice just for him.  I don’t like seafood so I would
make two pots…and most of the ingredients in his I had to beat back
down in the pot with my wooden spoon a few times before dinner was
served… ;p

He loved my cooking…In fact it was a joke (on video tape, the
entire church went wild with that wedding vow) that he wrote in our
marriage vows that I would cook for him every day till death do we

A few years in to our marriage, he grinned at me.

“I wanna remarry you so I can update our vows.”
I giggled flattered but somehow knew there would be a punch line.

“Baby what in the world have we not had together
that you still want?”

He chuckled…ever mischeivous and replied…

“I want you to cook for me in heaven…It wouldn’t be Heaven without
your gumbo.”

I had to fight back a tear…that was one of the sweetest things he
ever said to me and I countered it with…

“But then it wouldn’t be Heaven to me…if I still have to cook! I’m
looking forward to perfect food served by angels and getting to have
fun for a change…”

He reached over and took my hand and in that deep voice…

“Then I’m already in Heaven and there is no need for me to ever leave…”

I cried…and I cooked for him every day with joy.


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