ImageImageWhen my neighbors moved three of their rabbits escaped and they couldn’t find them.  So of course I adopted them.  I can’t bear to see anything be lonely or go hungry.  I have watched them in front of my ceiling to floor bay window every day at the same time come and munch on the pellets I put out for them with fresh water.  A few weeks ago…one of them just disappeared and I felt sad but I didn’t see what happened to him so I let go and tried to accept what I cannot change. 


Last week I notice Bunny by the neighbors back porch and he looked odd…like he was laying with his head listening to the ground. I decided to check him out and he suddenly dragged his from the waist down dead body frantically under the porch.  I was so destroyed. I burst out bawling and I ended up putting some pellets and water there for him.  But he was so terrified that he found a way to dig under the house and I could see his useless feet half sticking out but he felt safe and never budged. 


I never saw him again.  Surely he died.  Was he hit by a car, mauled by a ferrel cat or dog or one of the wolves that killed two little dogs last week?  I will never know but to see him so helpless and injured broke my heart. 


The third beautiful rabbit is Thumper.  He’s a red rabbits with white spots and white socks.  A cute white cotton tail.  He’s so clever.  He has managed to survive two fierce seasons of melting heat and icy snow.  He loved having the food I put out.  But I didn’t see him for the past few weeks and I feel guilty that perhaps in feeding them all in the same place every day I made them a sitting target for their own doom. 


So imagine my surprise when this morning, early, I opened my drapes and there he was, looking in my window hopefully.  He moved back a little and then started munching a little green leaf, not unlike someone slurping a piece of spaghetti.  He has always been the bravest rabbit, coming close as I put out feed and not dashing far away.  But cautious. 


I was reluctant to feed him in front of my window.  Since there was plenty of green grass after recent rain and an abundance of freshly mowed hay in the yard I decided to just let him feed on nature.  He looks pretty healthy without me this past few weeks.


But he had other ideas.  This evening he came up to the window and stared in at Buttercup who could pass for his kin.  Both redheads with white furry accessories… 🙂


Thumper thumped his tail on the ground and butted his head on the window.  Buttercup hissed and ran, hiding under the bed.  I laughed.  Went out and took his longed for bounty and he moved to a safe distance staring me down. 

Then inched for nearly an hour back to feast.  Baby carrots, lettuce and pellets with fresh water.  Much better than falling autumn leaves.  He is staring at me through the window unafraid as long as there is glass between our worlds.  Somehow he knows I am his friend even if he will never let me hold him. 


I love him.  I am so happy he’s alive.  My beautiful Thumper… 

Thumper and Buttercup…


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