The rest of the rest…

My debut novel, “Singing Heart”, was published by Kindle Select Oct 4th, 2012. I have been writing poetry, short stories and in my diary since I was two years old. But at 36, laid up for six weeks recovering from major surgery I found myself typing like a woman possessed. I barely slept from the first paragraph to The End. I couldn’t believe I wrote this. It felt more like I was just the typist and the words threw themselves on the paper.

My 8 year old daughter, Crystal, desperately wanted to read her mother’s first novel but it had not been censored. So she had to wait nearly a decade before I felt she was mature enough to read its entiriety. She fell instantly in love with it and begged me to try to get it published. But I was shy…very busy working to keep us alive. So it sat on a dusty shelf, burned to a cd all these years. 18 years to be exact.

My darling daughter at the tender age of 23 was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer and given two weeks to live. But she was a real heroine and she fought so bravely against all odd for her life. She lived another eleven extraordinary months. We spent that time talking, making a bucket list that she would never get to finish but she wanted me to do for us both. At top of the list was; Publish Singing Heart.

It took a long time for me to keep this promise. But I am proud to finally be able to mark it off my list. It would have thrilled Crystal to share this moment in time. She was my biggest fan. There are tidbits of my paternal family history thrown in. I hope you will read it and enjoy it as much as she did… 🙂  You can preview it here if you’d like…


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